Thursday, October 27, 2016

Christ is our spotter...

October 24, 2016
Dearest family,

I know it shouldn't surprise me anymore just how quickly the weeks fly by but, it seriously seems like it was yesterday that I was writing all of you! These weeks are just slipping through my fingers I don't quite believe it!

Anyway, so last Monday was probably the worst p-day ever! Sounds pretty negative, huh? But let me explain. We went to do our morning shopping per normal. And in one moment to another I didn't have my wallet anymore, so my DNI, my drivers license, temple recommend... everything was gone. We spent an hour looking for it just in case but it was gone. It was a shame, but hey, everything in there is replaceable, except my Spanish identification. So that's a bummer. But we headed to the centro to go bike riding at the boardwalk with the Elders. When we got there all the bikes we had reserved were gone... so we went to another place and we all got on our bikes. We then got lost, my companion crashed, and the peddle of my bike just fell off in the middle of the road cutting my foot. We all just kinda looked around and laughed. It was just too funny!  We kept asking what else could go wrong? We then headed out on the pier and had some fun getting close to the water and just relaxing. All in all, it was a pretty good day in spite of all of our little dramas. 

That night we got to meet with two new investigators who are awesome! And then we tried to go to the police station to report my wallet and ID and all that jazz, but the line was so long we ended up just sitting there and running home to make it on time. 

Tuesday we had district meeting and I gave a taller on setting goals. I resurrected an old one from Jerez. Comparing the process of setting goals to that of the bother of Jared making his plan. Then we ran off to eat with cute R. That night we got to pass by F and C. They are both doing so well and it warms my heart to see the progress they have made since their baptism. That night we got to go out looking for some old futures and got to teach a few of them. Then we went to go be with L.  We were so sad because G didn't come, but turns out it was a blessing, because L really just needed some love from us and so we were able to give her some. 

Wednesday we were just in the police station pretty much all day. Yeah... it was pretty fun. Not really at all, but I got to do lots of Book of Mormon reading! Then we taught English to some little kids so we sang lots of fun songs and the Elders laughed at us. 

Thursday we got to go eat with K and F again and they showed me all the pictures of Hermana Clark. Oh man, I love that lady! Then we got to teach a menos activo and he told us just how much he has been missing the Church and all he had found there. We got to teach him about growing our faith. Then we met with G and talked about baptism again. He told us he really wants to but his parents won't let him. But we got to meet with him again and he told us that he wanted to and he was going to talk with his parents today! So please pray for him and his parents. 

Friday morning a whole lot of putting off being sick caught up with me and we had to take it easy.  Then the Hermanas from Alicante came in to do intercambios. Oh my!  How I love Hermana Peters and Hermana Whaley! I got to be with Hermana Whaley that night and we got to teach A again. The whole time he just kept telling us that it seemed like he needed to read the Book of Mormon to know for himself. We were pretty happy he understood that. Then we went to a Relief Society activity. I loved being able to just talk to Hermana Whaley. She is so incredible! 

The next morning I got to be with Hermana Peters! She is also incredible. I feel like I cannot say more about her than I have already said. She is incredible and I wish I could be more like her. We got to teach S together about Alma 32, then off they went back to Alicante and we had correlation. 

Saturday night it was supposed to rain all night and hard. Me and my companion were pretty worried because we didn't have any citas or shoes suited for rain. But God takes care of his missionaries. He opened doors for us all night. We found a bunch of new investigators and we got to teach G again! He is so incredible and I hope that his parents will understand his desires to be baptized. The rain didn't start until the minute before we went inside. God took such good care of us. 

On Sunday we had some awesome meetings and Then we got to eat with the C's again. A personal favorite. They are such a wonderful family! 

I just wanted to finish sharing a thought, Dad mentioned something a while back that caught my eye. He talked about when he had extra time how he would "preach a sermon" or collect his thoughts on a certain topic and then organize them into a talk and give it to himself. So, I have taken up the habit. This week I have been thinking a lot about our Hermanas and the different refiner's fires that each of them are going through.  It has been so interesting to me that sometimes we get so focused on our trails that we forget the purpose behind them.  And well, like I do with most things, I compared it to my experience swimming. 

While I was swimming my coach would have us do weight room workouts 2 or 3 times a week. One of his favorite sets to assign was the lift and then instead of putting reps he would put "until failure."  I hated those sets because it means that you have to lift until you physically cannot lift anymore.  I remember one day I was bench pressing and I lifted until it hurt, I lifted until my arms were shaking and I racked the bar thinking I had done well. My coach walked up at me and yelled, "SMALLEY!  What are you doing?  Why did you stop?"  I told him because it hurt, and he responded, " I didn't say lift until it hurts, I said lift until you fail, lift until your arms give out and you need your spotter to lift the bar off of you. Start again."  So I did and I lifted until I failed. It hurt, and it was scary to find my very limit and need to rely on someone else.  I realized after that by finding my limit, I also found room for real growth.  I saw my weakness, but I also became stronger because I worked right until the end. 

Alright where am I going with this? Well just like I went to the weight room because my coach wanted strong swimmers, we are here on earth, and specifically here in the mission, because God needs strong children. He needs converted, tried and tested disciples. Often that kind of conditioning hurts.  It takes us to the limit.  And it is scary to see where our real limit is, which is often much farther than we are wanting to go in the beginning.  But when a weight or a trail doesn't go away after our prayers and after our pleading and after we have given what we think we have to give, well we haven't reached the point of failure.  God knows we have more to give, that there is room for real growth and He needs us to push until we get there. 

There is just one last part of this analogy that I want to share, and that is the position of the spotter. You can't do a set to failure unless you have a spotter -  a spotter in a better position than you to carry the weight and keep it from killing you when you fail.  Well in our weight room of life, we also have a spotter, Christ, our Savior. He is "mighty to save."  We know He can lift any weight, and carry any burden, and He is right there with us in every moment, hands right under that bar, ready to catch it. So why doesn't He just take it?  We know He can.  But He already proved that He could, didn't He?  The one that needs testing now is me.  If He curled the bar we are supposed to be benching, He would be an awful spotter, and we would never grow stronger.  But we don't need to doubt that the moment our limit has been reached, He will be there to stop the bar from falling.  He would never let our trails overcome us if we are trusting in Him. 

That was just what I have been thinking these past couple days. That when trials don't leave it's because we are stronger than we think and He will be there to help us in every moment. And even though refinement can hurt, it can be a joyous process because we are becoming who He needs. 

Sorry for being so brief on everything I just feel like the whole week flew by! 

Love you. 

Hermana Smalley

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's all about the attitude!

October 17, 2016
Dearest family,

Wow what a week it has been here in Malaga! We have managed to stay in our area and actually get a whole lot done! It has been a whirlwind and I can't quite believe it has all ended but hey here we go. 

Monday like I said we spent p-day exploring the castle. It was a party and then we got to teach C. We had an awesome lesson with him on prayer. He has a lot of trials right now and because of them he has been pulling away from God a little bit. We talked to him about how prayer can turn into his most powerful asset in these hard times and as we draw closer to God we can gain strength from Him to continue. I was so touched by the last conference talk that talked of how even when we fail to listen to the Spirit, the moment we say, "Heavenly Father," He is already listening. 

Tuesday was when the crazy started. We got to do intercambios with Jerez. I was with my dear Hermana Rollins again. We went to go teach F and F loved Hermana Rollins! He seriously talked about her for the rest of the week. But we got to teach him about the plan of salvation and honestly every time that I teach that lesson since conference, it  has made me so happy that we have the knowledge we do. Then that night we got to teach G about the importance of prayer and he shared how some of his prayers had been answered. It was so tender to see him open up a little bit more. Talking with Hermana Rollins as always was such a good experience. She is so incredible and teaches me so much every time I get to talk to her. 

Then next morning was a little crazy! We woke up and one of the Hermanas that was with us had an allergic reaction. So off we went to the hospital. It was not quite the plans we had, but everything turned out fine and I stayed in with her that morning. Talking with her was so fun. We got to just throw open the windows and listen to the rain. Oh yeah... ps... the rain has officially come back to Malaga. I hope my sandals can handle 4 more weeks:) That night we saw so many Miracles. Again it was pouring rain so we walked to the chapel and no one came for English, so we bundled up and headed out but right as we did, a less active member came with her little brother and asked for English help. We got to start forming a relationship with her which was awesome! They left early so again we were ready to head out and then an investigator family walks in and asks for lessons. We happily sat down and taught them. As we finished the less active member came back and handed us 2 umbrellas she had bought for us. It was the sweetest thing. That night we had noche de hogar and Elder Frost gave an awesome lesson about the sacrament. 

He mentioned something hat I have thought about a lot. Just that the prayer said over the bread is very demanding. It requires perfect obedience for the Spirit to be with us. Just as Christ was perfect in the flesh. But the prayer over the water only requires that we remember Him, how merciful is that promise? And it is through the blood of Christ that we are able to receive that mercy. There is just so much symbolism. I love it. 

Thursday we had zone meeting and La Mancha came down so our whole zone got to be together and I got to see Elder Kroff! Our zone leaders did an incredible job - it was such an edifying meeting! Then we all went out to eat and we got to talk a lot. It was weird to say some final goodbyes to missionaries that I had just met. I won't lie, I didn't like it realizing that I wouldn't really form a part of the mission they would come to know. Weird stuff. 

That night we got to teach S again! We taught about the power of the priesthood and how it needs to be cultivated and looked after. It has been so fun to see his excitement for the church come back and how hard he is trying. That night Hermana Martin and Hermana Peters spent the night with us. It was a party. 

Friday, weekly planning. Yay. Then we went out to el palo to teach K and F. They are seriously some of my favorite members even if they think that I am 16 years old:)  We got to teach them about the Savior. We shared some scriptures, but mostly just testified of His ability and desire to be there for us every step of this life even when we feel alone. When I looked up I noticed that F was crying. I was a little taken aback and he quickly explained how every time we come we bring some small message that answers a question he had been struggling with. It just proves to me that when we are looking for answers and are ready, the Spirit can teach us through any source. 

We then got home right at 5 and the Hermanas from Malaga came for intercambios.  I was with Hermana Burrell. We got tot each some awesome lessons and then we got to sit and talk just for a moment about how the mission is going. I was so humbled to listen to her tell me of all she is trying to do and trying to be. It is always my favorite part of intercambios to sit down with these hermanas and help them realize how much good they are doing.  I love listening to them and hearing all they are learning through all of this. Hermana Burrell is incredible and I'm so grateful for the time we got to talk. 

Hermana Stephens and I got to work together the next morning. I don't know why but it always seems that we go see people who just love to talk!  When we went, our member asked if she could make some bread really quickly and we thought she meant toast so we said yes, but then she started baking bread!  We died laughing at the circumstance and did our best to get out of the cita.  Hermana Stephens is awesome at taking control of the lesson and showing love while doing it. 

Saturday was F's birthday! We went over with some members and gave him brownies and we all shared our favorite memory of him. It was so cute. That night was a long night of finding those elect and we loved it. 

Sunday was awesome we got to bring J to church with us for an amazing session of ward conference and then we went with G to J's house and did a noche de hogar where we talked about what we can do in return for the Savior's sacrifice. Then we got to play gestures. It was interesting in Spanish and we defiantly had some language barriers but it was fun. Then back to the church for consejo and for numbers. My phone died so we got to do cuentas through FaceTime. 

Alright really quick last thing but this week, I had I guess my first major freak out. I was just thinking about what I had done on my mission and I just started thinking... What if i didn't do everything I was supposed to? What if I had been more focused could I have done more? Here are some thoughts I had 
1. My cute companion turned to me and told me, " I think it makes God happy to see you happy" and I realized it would have been such a shame to waste such a beautiful gift from God by being stressed out the whole time. The mission is not meant to be suffered though but we are supposed to love giving our all and just because I am having fun doesn't mean I'm sinning. 

2. I realized that God is the judge. I cannot judge what I have done because that is His job, I can only give my small offering and hope that He can make it what he needs of it. 

3. I also realized that God doesn't need me as a driving force. He is God. He is the driving force but I can be an instrument of His and as long as I was always looking for His will and doing my best, He wouldn't let me mess up too badly. 

I thought of a lot more things but I can't remember them right now. I am just so grateful for this chance I have had, for the things I have learned and that my small offering is enough.  It didn't change the world but it did change me. 

Love you all! 

Hermana Smalley 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We stormed the castle...

October 10, 2016
Dearest family,

What an incredible week it has been here yet again in Spain. I'm so privileged for every minute I get to spend in this beautiful country! Last week we adventured in Ronda, our car got stuck, but with some prayer and a lot of pushing, we managed to get out and back to Malaga safe and sound for proselyting time. Hermana Clark and I got to visit R. She is a cute recent convert, I was actually here at her baptism one year ago, I had to run home and grab my white clothes for her. It was fun to see her and catch up a little. Later that night we got a call from the office to inform us that here were two Hermanas waiting for us to pick them up and take them to our house. SURPRISE! So we went and got Hermana Gibson and Hermana Thielke and we had a party. 

Tuesday morning we had to go to the chapel first thing and clean up a little bit before the new missionaries came in. We got to go to Vialia and pick them all up. It brought back so many memories watching these new missionaries come in. Some of them looking so scared and others looking so excited. I just remember how I felt when I came in, I was terrified and had no idea what to expect! Their faith is incredible and I am so excited for them and this wonderful adventure that they have started. It was strange because they all started asking how long I had been out, it about killed me when I told them 17 months. Their faces were priceless. 

We brought them back to the chapel and started the orientation. I got to talk about companionship unity and I shared with them something Hermana Rocha told me on my. first day.  We were reading in the manual missional and she looked up and said, " if you fall I fall, and I won't fall."  That has stuck with me my whole mission. Remembering that my companion is first priority and I need to do all I can be to be the best for them. I also shared with them something McKay shared with me before I left, about the positive influence they can have on their trainers - that all of their excitement and energy is just what we all need. 

After the trainers came and we got to watch all of the companionships meet for the first time.  It was incredible to know what I know about the trainers, and after having met the new missionaries, realizing how inspired each companionship was. I think Elder Garcia and I might have scared his companion with how many inside jokes that we have, but Elder Erickson doesn't know how lucky he is! We all ate together and then sent them out to contact in different parts of Malaga. 

During that time Hermana Clark and I snuck away to go visit F. When we got there he showed us the tie he had just bought to wear to church.  It was such a tender moment for Hermana Clark and I to talk with him and see how much joy and change the gospel has brought into his life. We then caught on with the new mission spirit and contacted like crazies. We were so excited and forgot for just a moment all the other things we needed to do, and just talked with everyone we could.  After We all met up again at the church and had a small devotional.  We gave the new missionaries time to set goals  and then asked each of them to bear a short testimony.  Each of their humble testimonies touched me. They all talked of why they came out and the duty they felt to give all they had to the Lord.  I know that as they learn to rely on the Lord each of them will see His hand in their work - guiding them and helping them in every aspect of this work. 

After the testimonies we gave them their first paella thanks to Elder Quispe.  It was delicious!  Then Hermana Clark and I snuck away again to go teach G and L one last time. We testified of our Prophet and listened to his conference address. What a privilege.  

Then Wednesday came.  Oh man... it was a rough one. We all got up and then headed to the train station.  I said some goodbyes for the last time to some incredible friends as they got on busses and headed to their new areas.  Then we got to help Hermana Pickett learn how to drive in Spain.  As we were driving around I realized that it was the saddest car ride ever!  Elder Quispe, Hermana Clark and Elder Martin were all going home. We said some awful goodbyes...  Hermana Clark and Elder Quispe both headed to Fuengirola.  I will miss those two so much! They have both taught me so much! But I know they will be incredible in the real world. 

A couple hours later the bus from Alicante came in with my new companion, Hermana Portas! I realized I didn't mention anything about her last week.  She is from Venezuela and absolutely incredible!  Seriously, I have been waiting my whole mission to not get along with a companion.  But I have been spoiled.  She even lived in New Jersey for awhile (Passaic ward, Garfield). More on that later.  I got to say goodbye to my sweet Hermana Gale as she headed to Fuengirola. Ugh, so many hard goodbyes!  En fin.  The ayudantes helped us take suitcases to our piso, and off we went to work. We got to teach English class that night, my companion is incredible at it by the way. Then we got to teach noche de hogar.  So much fun! Some members did a musical number that was beautiful. 

Then weekly planning. Yay. We got to teach S finally and we talked to him about how the Church is a place we go to gain strength so that we can accomplish God's will -  not a place we should avoid if we can't be perfect. He called us on Friday just to tell us how good he felt and how excited he was to come to Church.  And he came!!! It was a miracle and we were so happy to see him! 

Friday I was so excited!  I told Hermana Portas it was going to be my first full day of work in almost two weeks because of all the craziness. Well... I spoke too soon.  During studies we got a call from the ayudantes telling us we needed to do a training in the chapel.  So there went that!  But we did get to teach J!  We read with him in the Book of Mormon and testified how this book would help him more than any other grow closer to God. 

That night we went to C.  She was so sad that Hermana Clark had left. When we got there she grabbed my arm and asked, " Where is my sister?" but we had a wonderful lesson one with her. We also got to teach Jy about the sabbath day. 

Saturday was my first full day of work!! Yahoo!! Literally all of our plans failed and our backups fell through.  So it was the perfect day!  Literally, we were both just so happy and did our best to talk to everyone we could.  There is just so much joy in just doing the small stuff right!  I am so excited to work with Hermana Portas!  She is incredible and keeps me focused and I keep her laughing.  It works well. 

Sunday we took the Sacrament!  We also had a crazy night. We basically didn't get to leave the church all day.  A couple from Europe came down to give leadership advice, so President asked that we go with the APs. I am so glad that he did.  I learned that I have been doing it wrong my whole life!  But hey, He talked about how we don't want to be the source of information, but the facilitator of information.  Giving advice creates dependence and we want to help others help themselves.  I am really excited to apply all he talked about here in the mission, and well, for forever!  The second part of the fireside was on marriage advice.  President asked that we go so we could apply it to companionship unity.  It was pretty funny having all these couples and then in the back, rows and rows of missionaries.  But it was so good!  I learned so much, but mostly it just reinforced that people will always be more important than my opinion, and being right should never be the reason for a fight. 

Today we explored a different part of the castle here in Malaga and got the best ice cream in Spain!  It was pretty good.

Alright I know that I have started my last transfer, but the thing is, it doesn't feel any different.  I'm just going to keep giving all I can, doing the best I know how until the bitter end.  I can't say it enough, that I'm grateful to be here and that the Lord has let me "handle the fine China" even though I'm often clumsy and can't do it exactly right, He helps me and continues to trust me and it is a wonder! 

Not my most inspiring week, but love you all so much! 

Hermana Smalley 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Almería, Murcia, Sevilla, Alcalá ... where do I even live?

October 3, 2016
Dear family,

What a crazy week yet again. The last 6 weeks have been so adventure filled and crazy!  I don't even know where the time has gone. But I am so full of gratitude for all that I have learned this transfer and for all that I have been able to take part in. I cannot believe it is over and that I have to say goodbye to one of my best friends this week. Hermana Clark has been absolutely incredible. She is gonna do amazing things out there in the real world. 

Anyway let's get back to the fact. Last Monday we went to a members home and had a BBQ and we had a water fight on the side of the pool. Literally the pool was mocking me the whole time. 

Tuesday morning we had a meeting with President about transfers and everything changed yet again but we had to leave early to go to a little pueblo for an eating cita with some less active members. They have recently been coming a little bit more and the change in both of them is incredible. The son has done a complete 180 change. He went from not caring at all about the church to asking us what more he could do to be better and serve Christ. It was so touching. 

After we headed to The chapel to plan trainers training with the ayudantes and we all piled into the car and headed to correlation. Joshua is awesome! He is working so hard to involve the ward in everything we are doing and he made us a cake:) so I mean. He is awesome. 

Wednesday morning we had an incredible miracle. We passed by a future that we have been trying to see for quite some time. Her name is L and she is the cutest mom you have ever seen. She let us in and we explained the Book of Mormon and gave our testimonies. We then gave her one. She gasped and asked us if we were kidding she was so happy to be able to read for herself and see if what we had said was true. When we closed with a prayer she started to cry. She felt so good, we could tell she was embarrassed for getting emotional but it was so tender for us. We then headed to an awesome district meeting where we talked about lessons of the mission and the ones going home bore their final testimonies. 

We then went to eat with R. She is a neighbor to the elders, and since not all 4 of us can go she invites us over and then passes plates into the piso of the elders. Pretty funny. Then we welcomed the Hermanas from Murica. Which you may remember are both companions of mine and I love them both. Hermana Gale and Hermana Brown. It was so good to be with both of them again! 

I got to work with Hermana Brown that night, it wasn't exactly the night we were expecting, but when is it ever? We got to go see Cynthia and talk a little bit about the Book of Mormon and read some more with her. Her son was running around screaming as usual;) what a cutie. I got to sit down with Hermana Brown and talk for a while about the mission. It will never cease to amaze me just how far we have come from those two girls who entered the MTC. the way the Lord has taught me and helped me change is incredible to me. Anyway I realized during this talk I haven't been making time for the things that matter most. Often I get so caught up in my own thoughts and what is happening in my mind that I forget to turn out and reach out. I forget to show the people I care about most how much I really do care for them. It was a good reflection point for me. That night we all got to talk a lot and just be girls for a bit. It felt pretty good. 

Thursday morning I was with my dear Hermana Gale. I love that lady. We talked a lot about life and the mission. I will be forever grateful for such an amazing friend. We then helped them on their way and headed to Bishop's house to eat with his family. Always an adventure. That night we headed to the church at 8 with all of our stuff and all piled into the car to go to Almería. And by all I mean elders: Quispe Bussell and Alverez, my compie and I. It was fun but the car ride to Almería was pretty uneventful because we were all writing our tallers. We got to Almería and stayed with Hermana Núñez and Verdejo. They are both so sweet and I was so happy to spend some time with them. Bright and early we continued on our journey to Murica. Super fun to be back there. We went so that we could do a trainers training. President had some stuff to do so we were running the meeting. We were a little nervous that without President the missionaries wouldn't really respect us. But I was so happy with the spirit that was there and we all learned so much. 

I gave a taller on being the kind of missionary that your mother thinks you are and that the mother of your companion is praying you will be. I tied that the consecration and continual repentance. It was one of those that Hermana Smalley learned more planning the taller than pretty much everyone else. I also got to see Elder Garcia and Elder Andrus. Oh my!  I am so proud of both of them and the elders they are. We finished the meeting and then hopped back into the car and went on our way to Lorca. We made some epic music videos and had a good time then slept on the way to Almería. On the way back to Malaga I got everyone in the car holding their breath through the tunnels. Oh my!  There were so many! We all almost passed out but it kept life interesting. Reading the Book of Mormon while holding my breath was a new experience. 

Anyway we got to Malaga and picked up Hermana Walter and she spent the night with us. Bright and early the next morning we headed with President to trainers training in Sevilla where we gave the same tallers over again but this time President was with us. I think the meeting went pretty well. Mom, Elder Adcock said that your letter really helped him a lot. So thanks for doing that. It was pretty sad to say goodbye to friends for the last time, but I'm grateful for the chance I had to know them.
We drove home during the showing of women's conference so I'll be making that up when I can but we got home just in time to start the first session. Wow. It was incredible!  I was actually brought to tears by how perfect the messages were for me. The Lord really poured out tender mercies on me this week. That night we went and taught L and M. They are some new investigators who are awesome. They love the word of God a lot. 

Sunday morning we got to work. You may remember how much I love working Sunday mornings because we always see so many Miracles. Well it happened again. We went to teach A and she brought her sister for us to teach who was super interested - it was awesome! Anyway, then we went to the C family to eat before conference. And we had such an awesome time talking about conference and then we got to watch the second session. During the last session of conference, C came and brought her little boy. You can only imagine one little toddler screaming through the room full of missionaries while a talk on righteous judgement was given, brought a lot of laughter. 

Today was probably one of my favorite p days. We went to Ronda! And just went adventuring. My goodness. So much fun. I love you all so much. 

Just before I go. A couple thoughts. I mentioned how much the Lord has helped me this week. A lot of lessons have been taught. One of the biggest lessons is that my whole mission I have thought that I could somehow consecrate myself. I thought that if I was just obedient enough or good enough I could do it. I have always just tried to rely on myself and that is why I have always been so hard on myself. But this week I have realized that a huge part of consecration, maybe even the key, is recognizing that there is infinite space between us and God. We cannot consecrate ourselves. But we can without rationalizing repent. And get up the next day and promise to be better and give all again. I have also learned that it is through a pure act of consecration that Christ gave us our greatest hope, the Atonement.  And it is through that act of consecration that our imperfect acts can help us become consecrated. 

I love the mission and all I have been learning. The closeness I have felt to my Savior has become a treasure to me. I hope to continue developing this relationship throughout my life. 

Love you! 
Hermana Smalley 
 from my mission.