Monday, July 20, 2015

leaving the CCM tomorrow morning: invitation onto the water

July 6, 2013
Hello wonderful family,

I mentioned on the phone that I am leaving the CCM tomorrow morning! Crazy right? My time here has been so amazing, I feel as if I have learned so much and I am slowly learning to be the that missionary God needs me to be. I know I have much more to go, but I hope to learn by and through the Spirit. I only have 10 min because this email is mainly to let you know I am leaving and that I won't be able to talk to you until my next P-Day.

I wanted to say it was so nice to talk to all of you on Saturday. Before I was getting kinda down just wondering how everything was going at home, like seriously an emotional roller coaster. The park was the most amazing experience then I crashed and then I got to talk to all of you. Just hearing that you were all alright and doing well was exactly what I needed.

I am so excited to get to the field and get working. I know it will be hard, but anything that is worth it is hard. Yesterday our Elders gave all of us blessings, it was such a tender experience. I love my district so much, Hermana Brown is literally my sister, and these Elders have become my little brothers. It will be so hard to leave this little family here, but I was not called to the Spain CCM, I was called to Malaga. 

In Matthew 14 verse 28 it talks about Christ's invitation onto the water for Peter. I similarly asked Christ to invite me to come, and he did he said come to Spain.  I used a little faith to get here and have fallen in love with Madrid. Well the Savior is still saying come, but now to Malaga and I will keep using my faith to get me there. It might not get easier, but I will be stronger. Also Romans 8: 37 is my favorite scripture of the week! 

love you, 
Hermana Smalley

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