Sunday, April 10, 2016

We just decided this whole being sick thing wasn't working for us, and we were done

March 28, 2016
Dearest family,

Well this week was Semana Santa here in Spain. I think all I should say here is just look it up. Look up pictures of Semana Santa. It has been really culturally interesting, but as far as religiously it makes me just a little sad. When in everything God has done he has kept it small and simple, why would he ask something so extravagant. I'm sorry if that came out more negative than I meant it to. It certainly was interesting.

Anyway another lesson learned by Hermana Smalley comes from my sweet companion Hermana Cole. I mentioned this last letter that we were sick, Well that continued on into this week and it became obviously that we needed to rest and take it easy. But I was being stubborn. Hermana Cole pointed out that when Moses was called as a prophet he tried to tell God that he couldn't because he was slow of speech. But he forgot something. God made his mouth and so he knew what Moses was capable of. And he provided a way for him to accomplish the work that he needed to. Likewise God made my body. He knows what he needs from me, but I am not showing respect for a gift from God if I don't take care of this gift. Wow I hope that made sense but moral of the story: We had to take it easy this week and it was a good thing.  During Semana Santa missionary work can be a little difficult because no one is home so it was good that we had this week to get better.

Monday we rested all day just trying to get better, then Tuesday morning we had district meeting.

Half way through the JAS came in and kicked us out because they were watching the face to face with Elder Holland. When Carlos walked in he just yelled, "Hermana Smalley! Get out, we just can't get away from you!" It made me feel pretty good about myself ;) it was a pretty funny district meeting actually then after we headed back to San Fernando and worked that night.

Because of Semana Santa we got trapped in our area. It was kinda funny because every time we tried to cut up a street there were people in robes and pointy hats with candles walking. There were so many people on the streets we would squirm our way up to the street only to run right into a procession. I won't lie. It was kinda terrifying. All the people were laughing at us two little girls running up and down in the streets lost and confused. We liked it.

Wednesday morning we had to stay in and rest some more, then we worked that night. Not much to report. More running away from processions and then taught English classes. It was actually super cool because we found out two of our students who had not been interested in the church before, want to receive the lessons. We were so excited! On the way home we ran into David and had a correlation on the way home. He made fun of us because we knew where all of the crosswalks were because he never uses them. It was actually really nice to talk to him because he kept telling us that we were doing great work and not bad missionaries from staying in and resting. So, we have officially included David in the club of our friends.

Thursday night we taught U&J, and set a baptismal date for J. We were so excited! Then that night we got to teach J&T as well.  Friday we managed to work the morning but I was just feeling super sick so we went home and rested. Bleh. The Elders brought us some food and gave us blessings and just told us to take care of ourselves. So we did. The SHEs called us to see how we were doing, then David called us from Madrid and asked if we were doing better. Because he served his mission in England he was talking to us in English and when he found out we weren't feeling good he said, "Hermanas! I command you to go home! You have to go home!" I said, “David I have 8 more months left on my mission I won't go home!” And he said, " What!? No no no no no. Not home. The flat! Go to the flat and rest! If you need anything tell me! I'm in Madrid but I know people. I'll call them."

Everyone and their dog called us this week asking how they could help us feel better. It made us feel pretty loved.

Saturday we just decided this whole being sick thing wasn't working out for us, and we were done. And we went out and worked and we got better! I mean not perfectly but we did work all day and we were so happy.

Then we had church. I love church. It was so fun! Carlos brought Iris and we just had a great time. I am so sorry this week just was not the most eventful. But we are better now!

Today we had a huge BBQ for all the Hermanas in Chiclana. It has been so fun to just be with everyone laughing and eating food.

I love the mission. I'm so glad that Heavenly Father has put me here to learn and grow and that every day I learn more.

Hermana Smalley

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