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This work is amazing!

June 18,2015
Family of mine:)

I love you all so much I want you to know how many blessings are being sent your way from Spain. Not only from my own prayers but from those in my district and blessings I have received. But I'll talk about that more later. Just never forget how much I love you and how much strength the Lord is sending your way.

A few housekeeping items. Did you guys get my pictures? Can you please please send me the devotional talk by Mark Calister in an email ( not a link). Can I have the sheet music for the missionary medley. And also can you email me my lesson plan outlines from my computer? Man, I feel so needy but that's life I guess;)

Alright this week I want to tell you about my amazing teachers here in the CCM. All of them are converts to the church. Some more recent than others. Others are single converts to the church who sacrificed everything to serve missions even when their families did not support them. They are so faithful and their testimonies strengthen me daily. They put their whole heart into training us so that we can become better because they believe so much in missionary work. Also none of them speak English very well so it is so cute to hear them fumble with the language the same way we need to when speaking Spanish. We learn together here:)

Last week for p day we got to go the Real Madrid soccer stadium. I'm not a huge soccer fan but it was so so cool. I'll send some pictures of all that. It made me miss playing sports so much.

I need to rave about my district for a moment. We are a district of only 6 but I know now why I had to come to the ccm at this time and not later. It is because of these amazing elders and sisters. I learn so much from them every day. When we all come together and read the Book of Mormon or testify jointly of Christ there is nothing quite like it. Christ has been preparing these missionaries for a long time. I don't feel as if I am quite on their level yet. Not once in my life have I felt intimidated to share my testimony but here among these powerful missionaries I feel I could learn so much by just listening like that wise old owl dad always talked about.

Also I set up an Icloud account which lets me share photos with ya. Feel free to comment,ext. Talk to someone tech savvy to know how to join and such. Speaking of which. Can you guys send me some pictures of you and me and my life. I left my picture book at home and people keep asking for pictures and I have none.

This week at the park I was paired with 2 Russian sisters aka Hermana Smalley got to talk all alone:) but the first two people we talked to spoke English. It is actually quite embarrassing to be speaking in Spanish stop to translate for your companion and have them say I actually speak English. But I got to place a Book of Mormon and read Moroni's promise to a young man. I was hit with the power of this book. Mormon's life work composed and his son finishing it challenges each of us to simply read it. These amazing prophets wrote these words for us. And as we share it with others their words are brought to life. They are depending on us to share their testimonies with the world. Something I don't take lightly.

Also you will be happy to know the only conversation I have had with a Ukrainian elder here was "watch me fit this whole piece of broccoli in my mouth" -  then I did. He doesn't speak English but he looked impressed;)

Sunday's here in the CCM are amazing.  It is a day where we are allowed to study just for ourselves. And take the sacrament to receive strength  to be all God asks us to. My first time fasting here was so powerful. Please don't take Sunday's for granted. Allow it to be a day just for you and for God. I know you might think oh you should have all day every day to study for yourself, Erinn is on a mission. No we spend all day studying for others. So time spent reading for me is precious.

This week I sat down and talked with President about some questions I had. He is an amazing man. He helped me understand better the relationship between husband and wife and God as it talks about in the temple. If you have questions email me he gave me the answers:)

Also here we go through a jar of peanut butter and Nutella a meal. The cooks think we are all insane, but we just love it so much! The new elders and sisters have become close to us. Random I know but I thought I should say that:) they have made all the Spanish districts closer too.

Okay serious part here, this week has been a struggle. I can feel the adversary working on me and Hermana Brown so strong. Trying to pull us down. Yesterday that all came to a climax. Both of our investigators
just roasted us and really ate into us for not speaking the language and not knowing the gospel better. I was getting so discouraged because I felt I could never been the missionary that could be a Miracle missionary. Then I had the thought that I can do all things with God. When I give my heart to him he will help me. In D&C 4 it
lists all the qualities a missionary should have. I was so sad because I feel so far away from that. But after listing all of those qualities, God then says, Ask and you shall receive. He extends a wonderful promise that we will be. able to get those qualities if we rely on Him. McKay also sent me an amazing email reminding me what a privilege it is to be here taking part in this work. The elders in our distracted noticed how much we were struggling and offered to give us blessings so this morning Elder Merrel and Elder Turner gave me a
blessing where they told me exactly what I needed and blessed you guys as well:)  They reminded me that while I might not have known I was going to serve a mission a year ago God did. He helped me prepare before I even knew I was preparing. So much more goodness. Today we had an amazing lesson on the atonement. It really has just been a fantastic day.

I love you all so much. This work is amazing and this church is so true.

Question of the week : how can I better have an eye single to e glory of God? It's in D&C 4  -  please let me know what your thoughts are. I love you!

Love Hermana Smalley
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