Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hermana Smalley where Is Your faith?

Sept 28, 2015 
Oh my goodness every week I feel like I say I have had a crazy week and every week just gets a little crazier!

Last week for p day we just played soccer at the chapel all day with most of the missionaries from Malaga which was actually super fun! But turns out that night the elders couldn't find someone to be my companion so I stayed with the she's. Elder Johnson told me that it would be like working with batman and superman and I would be like Alfred. At first I was offended. And then I had the amazing opportunity to watch these two amazing sisters work together. While we were out contacting I defiantly had my Alfred moment where I felt like I needed to pull out a notebook and start taking notes on how they were doing their missionary work. We also went nocking doors. And I honestly love doing with them. They make everything so fun. 

Tuesday morning I was with Alison again and we got to go to district meeting. It was amazing! I am pretty sure Elder Dean set the whole thing up just to help me. Because it was all about how to have animo and turn to the savior to overcome discouragement. It was just what I needed. That night I went out with Sarah from barrio uno. We went to work teaching people and contacting references. I'm not going to lie I love being in charge of my little part of Malaga. It feels so good to just focus on others and what they need!

Wednesday morning I had the craziest morning of my mission. I had two citas set to go, and then I got a call from the mission home that they wanted to do a Pizo check at 12. That threw a loop in my plans but I tried to shuffle things to make it work. Well then Hermana Perez told me she needed me at the train station at 1:30. I was sitting there thinking there is no way on this earth I can do all of this. Then I just heard this little voice, "Hermana Smalley where Is Your faith?" So I decided to do everything I could to make everything happen. And you know what, somehow we got everything one! Wednesday night I was with two hermanas from my ward.

I'm sorry this email is so scattered. Today I'm not on my own schedule I'm kinda being tossed around between companions ;) the elders call it Hermana Smalley's daycare. But I'm trying to write what I can. Speaking of daycare! Someone officially finished their training!!! Woohoo!

Thursday I got to go to district meeting with the hermanas. It was awesome! Their district has the ayudantes in it so it was really interesting to see how it all worked out. It was honestly an awesome week. I mean two district meetings? Come on, who doesn't want that. Thursday night Hermana Rollins came in to do her residency! I got to take her to my area and work with her. Oh my goodness how I love that sweet Hermana. I learned so much from her and we just had a party that night in Pizo. Of course a party that ended promptly at 11:30.

I seriously am at a loss as to what to tell you about this week. It was just so crazy. I think the biggest thing that I learned is how wonderful the members are here. They seriously have just taken me under their wings. Going out and teaching with them has been such a privilege. I love hearing their testimonies and seeing my instigators respond to them.

I am so sorry for another awful email. I just really have zero time. Hermana Gallegos said that things are going pretty good for her and the doctors, but being home has been such a struggle for her. Keep her in your prayers.

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