Sunday, October 4, 2015

I just need to brag about my amazing companion

Sept 21, 2015
Hola querido familia,

Wow his week has probably been he craziest week of my life. I should start by saying Hermana Gallegos went home. She left Friday morning and is safely back with her family in Colorado. I miss her like crazy and was so sad to see her go, but it was what needed to happen for her sake and her families sake.

I just need to brag about my amazing companion for a little bit. Even though she was dead tired every day because of her health she still got up everyday and tried to do her best to get out the door and work. She was so sad to leave because she has such a profound love for this work and the people here. But when it came down to it the doctors of the mission and her family wanted her home.

So Monday the decision was made and we started packing her bags getting everything ready for her to go. Tuesday we had some confusion as to where she would be going home Wednesday I honestly cannot remember at all Thursday we did everything we could to get her all ready. She had her final interview with president and I spent some time with Hermana Anderson. Then we went to the airport Friday, and dropped her off. I won't lie I cried again.... Haha just imagine little Hermana Smalley crying with President and Hermana Anderson on either side ;) kinda an awkward picture for you.

So there you have it a brief overview of my week:) Thursday was an awesome day. Our bishop took
us out in the morning to go see some parts of Malaga she hadn't had the chance to see. Then we went to my very first zone conference. It was so cool. We split up elders and sisters and had our own separate meetings. Hermana Anderson invited 6 sisters to share their conversion stories and I was struck with how amazing these sisters are and the privilege I have to be among them learning alongside each of them.

Hermana Anderson shared a story about how there had been wildfires in Yellowstone for a long time burning and how a man was walking through the burned trees and saw a dead bird. In his frustration he kicked the carcas. And out from the wings of the mother bird came three baby birds still alive. She then related that to 3 nephi 10 and how Christ offers to shelter us. What hit me the most is how just as the mother bird could have saved itself by flying away above the smoke she didn't and gave her life to protect the babies. Just as Christ could have saved himself but chose not to. Choosing to save each and every one of us instead.

President Anderson gave us each a photo. Its the one mom always says looked like me and Spencer. Where Christ is on a rock with a child in his arm reaching down to help another out of the water. He asked us each to picture where we were in the photo. He then directed us to Doctrine and Covenants 35: 
13 Wherefore, I call upon the weak things of the world, those who are
unlearned and despised, to thresh the nations by the power of my

14 And their arm shall be my arm, and I will be their shield and their
buckler; and I will gird up their loins, and they shall fight manfully
for me; and their enemies shall be under their feet; and I will let
fall the sword in their behalf, and by the fire of mine indignation
will I preserve them.

He pointed out how here it says we are his arms that allow him to reach out in love to save his children. He then had us turn to a scripture that talks of how Christ's arms are extended to us all the
day long. That means that we need to work all the day long, not stop when we are tired. Not slack off. Because if we are the lords arms to others we need to do the very best we can to help them because that is what he would do if he were here.

These past couple days I have been in limbo. I won't get a new companion until next Wednesday so right now I am living with Hermana Giler and Hermana Perez. They are two of the sweetest missionaries in the world. Love being with them! During the day I go out with members from the ward to work in my area:) I'm so happy I still have the chance to work in my area and the members are the cutest!

These past couple days I worked with Alison and Angeles. Hey both want to serve missions and it was so fun to show them what it's like and then we finished the day back at their homes teaching. My favorite part was looking in the eyes of their parents. Because both families are converts of about 4 years. Watching them see their children teaching the gospel was such a blessing.

Seriously these last couple days my district and my ward have really pulled together to help me keep working. This work is so real and I am learning and growing so so much. I have loved working in my area. It's like my own little garden, I get to go in and pull some weeds and water the plants and watch it grow under my care and know that Heavenly Father is helping me leave and grow so much! It will never cease to amaze me that when I'm tired or sad all I need to do is work. And then all the sudden I'm on top of the world.

My zone leaders and she's have really just been amazing I can't even express how grateful I am! I had such an embarrassing experience though Elder Johnson called me right after we dropped Hermana Gallegos off at the airport.  And asked me how I was doing. Well the tears were still close to the surface haha I started choking up and he was so surprised," Hermana Smalley are you crying?" Haha I was like we need to end this conversation but one good thing has come of it. All the Elders in my district have just turned into my older brothers and have been so good to me getting companions and such for me.

I'm so sorry for the kinda lame email today but I love you all so much!

Hermana Smalley

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