Saturday, August 13, 2016

Happy America Day!!!

July 4, 2016
Dearest family,

Wow what an amazing day! I didn't realize how patriotic I am but can I just tell you. I LOVE AMERICA!!! I also love Spain, so that's about it:)

Let me tell you about the wonderful week we have had here in Spain. Summer has come on full force and let me tell you, It is hot! Everyone in Murcia heads off to the beach. So we have had to switch a lot of our investigators but hey, the work will go forth!

Monday night we met with M for the last time before she heads to the beach. Man she is incredible! When we got there we talked a lot about what she thought about church. She told us a lot about her life. Man... It brought me to tears to hear her tell us all that she has had to go through, but she has such faith. The people you meet on the mission really change you.

Then Tuesday morning we met up with the zone leaders from Cartagena to go to Malaga. First we went and visited with R and then the long drive began. It was awesome!  We sang and talked and had a grand old time. Then we got to the mission home and I got to see my dear Hermana Asay. We talked for the longest time and just had a grand old time.

This consejo was very special. Sister Reeves from the general relief society came and talked to us about who we would become. She talked about how if we do not make the conscious choice to stay near the Savior, it will not be enough. She talked about how we have to keep doing the small things. She talked about how Elder Holland and Elder Cook were mission companions and asked the question, "if you knew now that in 50 years your companion would be part of the 12, what would you do differently". That has really stuck with me. I bet those two were incredible missionaries and I don't want any of my companions to be surprised if I were to receive that kind of calling. I don't want them thinking, what is this crazy doing here? I want them thinking, man, she is crazy! But she works hard and loves the Lord!

Anyway food for thought. Consejo was awesome and I learned a lot. When we got back to our area we went and ate with R's family. To be perfectly honest, this week is just a blur. But Friday morning we played sports with the elders and Elder Mitchell and
Elder Andrus had their phone robbed. So we spent all morning trying to figure that out then we had district meeting. After we all went to an American restaurant.

That night we had another noche de Hogar - it actually went super well again but because of some stuff that happened, I ended up on the phone with the stake president. It all ended up working out. But man, I am

learning a lot of lessons about taking responsibility and being humble. And anyway, sorry that sounded really negative but it wasn't meant to be. Elder Mitchell gave a great taller that helped me a lot. He talked about how we aren't expected to be perfect. But we are expected to try. And repent. And try again. So that's about where we are.

Saturday we went to O's house. A gave us amazing food as usual but she also gave us a ton! Out of

the 4 missionaries I was the only one who finished. Yes I am proud in case you were wondering. Also, later that day, we got to teach R. He is awesome! He accepted a baptismal date and came to church. We are so excited for him!

That night the elders came with us to U to give him a blessing. It was awesome actually. Elder Andrus came to him and said. U, you just need to stop smoking. You are so close, just stop. And I literally rolled my eyes, and was about to tell him, you don't think we haven't tried that? And then U stopped and said, "Yeah, You know what I will."

My jaw dropped and we all just laughed it was so good. Thanks Elder Andrus!

I am sorry for the short email, but we are going to go do some American things 

love you all!

Hermana Smalley

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