Saturday, August 13, 2016

The miracle of the mission is that we can change every day

June 13, 2016
Dearest family,

Alright what a fantastic week here in Spain so let me tell you. We went to consejo and it was absolutely incredible! The preparation that we had to do was exactly what Hermana Smalley needed. We read about being truly good without guile, and beware of pride. Man they both were things that I needed to learn about.

Anywho, we actually got to consejo and ate some awesome food and then got down to it. I love the spirit in those meetings. Elder Quispe said something that really hit me, that each of us were in that room for a reason, and each of us had something to contribute. That we shouldn't feel shy about it. I realized that so often we are too timid with our thoughts and feelings in our callings. We specifically were called to be there, so what we feel should be heard, within reason of course. Later that night I sat and talked with Elder Jenkins (shout out to Elder Jenkins who is probably reading this from Hermana Brown”s iPad) and Elder Adcock and a bunch of friends from the mission. Consejo is something special!

Then the next morning president gave an incredible taller [workshop] about being worthy and about going back to the roots. He talked to those of us who feel like we have hit a wall, me, how going back to the root or Christ can help us find that drive. That often when we are reaching out too much, we are the "branches taking strength unto themselves" and we cannot keep that up on our own. Also Elder Alexander said something I love "the miracle of the mission is that we can change every day." What a blessing.

Also to explain the title, I found out that my favorite shoes, the ones I love and I have worn almost every day of my mission, are illegal! I can't wear them! Ugh! I felt so so so so dumb. Anyway, so I
switched shoes to some that hurt my feet and they are called my baptism shoes because now we know what has been stopping the baptisms!

Then we had intercambios that night. I was with Hermana Hansen, I got attacked by a puppy licking my feet - I was so tickled I was dying! We also fed a baby bird. Needless to say, I learned a lot about missionary work. The next morning with Hermana Clark was so much fun. I adore her. She taught me so much about just loving people.

We actually woke up early and played basketball with the other missionaries there in Malaga. So so much fun.

Then we got on the bus and drove the 7 hours back to Murica! Yay. When we got home we headed right to R’s house for dinner. I love that family so so much.

Thursday we had 2 eating citas. It was crazy! But we had one of the best lesson 1s that I have had my entire mission the Spirit was so strong and she kept saying this is what I have been looking for.

Friday we had zone meeting. It was awesome. We have a zone of 15 elders and the topic I spoke on was pornography. I have never been more scared to give a taller in my life. Just imagine one little
Hermana talking to all elders. But it turned out really well. I talked to them about what it meant to them that they held the priesthood. Then I told him what it meant to me. I talked to them about the day
when they would get married and have a wife that would depend on them for her access to the Priesthood and how they better never do anything to deprive her of the priesthood in her home. I talked about a lot of other stuff but that's the main point. After Elder Stevens came up to me and told me, " you made me realize my future wife is depending on me. I never want to sin again. "  So I think it turned out well.

Saturday was a crazy day of cleaning the church and running around with the elders for baptismal interviews but it was super fun. Then that night I couldn't sleep to well because I knew that Spencer was going through the temple. But I did have my own special experience half a world away I felt very close to all of you. Also that night I felt this new surge of energy to give everything I have and give all I
am to this work it was something amazing to think that as my little brother was covenanting to give all just as I felt a renewed devotion to give my all.
But as always seems to happen right as we feel a new devotion to work harder Satan comes and hits us hard. Sunday was a very hard day for me to be frank. I realized that for a while now I have been really down and tired but I pick myself up and say, "no worries I will be better tomorrow!" Or " I can fix it!"  But how many times did I say I in those phrases? Yesterday my sweet companion made me sit down and really talk. Then we taught the lessons we had planned then she pointed out
that we can not do everything on our own. We prayed as a companionship and then called Elders Mitchell and Andrus for a blessing. It was what I needed. I finally have realized that I cannot make it better. I alone will not be able to move on. But with the Lord slowly but surely tomorrow will be better than today.

Anyway with the blessing and a loving companion, everything turned out well. I love this work. I love this Gospel and I am so grateful for the Priesthood.

Also random fact. Mom. Elder Mitchell's homecoming will be in 5 weeks in Ogden. He's been my district leader for 5 transfers now so you both are more than welcome to go if you want. I'm sure he will have plenty of crazy stories to share.

Sorry for the short email. We had to help a member his morning so our p day got cut in half. Love you all!

Love Hermana Smalley

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