Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lightening Strikes TWICE!!!

August 22, 2016 
Dearest family,

Well folks, the votes are in... they are kicking me out of Jerez. Lightning has struck twice. I don't know if you will remember but exactly one year ago I left Alicante to go to Malaga after just one transfer. Well. I'm leaving Jerez after just one transfer to go to Malaga 1. I'm pretty excited, but I'm also pretty nervous. It will be a great opportunity to learn and I'll be working pretty closely with President. My new companion is Hermana Clark and I'm so excited. I
love her. We have wanted to be comps since Malaga. Mission totals 18 months 12 companions 6 areas. Wohoo!

Alright now that the big news is out of the way, lets get down to business about the week shall we. On Monday we just had a chill Pday with the zone down in San Fernando we played a nice mix of soccer, basketball, and volleyball. That night we finally got to teach D. He and his sister are too cute. They expressed their discouragement with the Catholic Church and they loved the message of the restoration. Also his sister E lived in New York so we had lots to talk about.

Tuesday morning we had district meeting. I got to give a taller (lesson) about using time wisely. I employed the good old "use McKay's letter" to inspire the district." It was a good meeting and the elders gave me a blessing and it really helped. It's been a bit stressful over here, but the priesthood is real. That night we taught a lot of awesome people and we got to teach R again. He told us that he was going to come to church. He made up his mind. I am seriously like a proud mom when it comes to R. He is working so hard to turn his life around.

Wednesday was an interesting day. We did a surprise intercambio (exchange) with some Hermanas in the zone. There has been an Hermana who has been struggling a lot. She basically told President she wanted to go home - so he sent her to me to try and help her stay. Basically all day I threw at her everything I had. All the reasons I love the mission. All the reasons I stayed when it got hard. All day trying to work hard
and support this sweet Hermana. At the very end of the day we were walking down the road and she stopped and said, "Hermana Smalley thank you. You might have been so in tune with the Spirit that you saved my mission". I looked at her and wanted to cry. I just told her I was glad because she had too much to do for Satan to get under her skin and tell her otherwise. It was one of the best experiences of my mission.

This week we also got to teach our Chinese investigators. Teaching them is so wonderful!  They are just so innocent and have no background in religion. When we taught the Book of Mormon they were so excited to read it!

I'm sorry for this super short letter it's been kinda a crazy week!  But we said lots of goodbyes and I'm sad to leave Jerez and this awesome district but new adventures are out there!

Hermana Smalley

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